Open Mic BBQ and Association Meeting Sept 15th, 2018

Friday, Sept 14th 5:30pm: Free BBQ, Open Mic community discussion on cannabis in Alderville, and a DJ set featuring Ian Campeau, one of the founding members of a Tribe Called Red.

Saturday, Sept 15th 10:00am: Quarterly Meeting of the Mississauga of Rice Lake Cannabis Association

Draft Agenda

  1. Report from the Executive
  2. Name Change Request
  3. Alderville Cannabis Survey
  4. Membership Drive
  5. Election of Executive
  6. Election of Ombudsperson
  7. Community Contribution Fund Discussion
  8. Next Meeting, Sat. Dec 15th, 10am.

The Mississauga of Rice Lake Cannabis Association is comprised of members of the Alderville First Nation who consume, grow, or retail cannabis products. The Association meets quarterly to self-regulate the cannabis industry in Alderville. For more information please visit