Draft Documents

Bylaws of the Alderville Cannabis Association (ACA)

The Mission Statement, Bylaws and Community Standard documentation are available as a ACA document draft layout.

Community Contribution Fund  (to be discussed and finalized at Sept 15th, 2018 meeting)

1. The ACA shall create a Community Contribution Fund to ensure that the cannabis industry of the Alderville First Nation contributes to the needs of the  people.

2. The Community Contribution Fund shall be managed by three trustees selected by the ACA at one of its General Councils. Each of the three trustees shall be chosen from a different group (retailers, growers, consumers) and together they are responsible for the operation of the fund.

3. The fund shall receive payment in the following ways.

A surcharge of $10 will be added to each test carried out by MedSol Medicate Solutions and will be contributed to the community fund.

A common childproof “exit bag” bearing the logo of the ACA and information concerning the safe use of medicinal cannabis shall be utilized by all retail outlets that are members of the ACA.

All customers at retail outlets belonging to the ACA are required to purchase an exit bag in order to take their purchased products home.

Each store shall purchase the bags in bulk from the ACA at their cost of production of $___

Each exit bag shall be sold to customers at a cost $  __

The profit made on the sales of exit bags to customers shall be donated to the community contribution fund.

Customers need only buy one exit bag as long as they re-use it and bring it back to the store. If they forget or lose their bag, they must purchase a new bag along with their product. 

4. The fund will also accept voluntary donations from other sources as they are made.

5. The trustees of the Community Contribution Fund shall make a quarterly report of all expenditures to the meetings of the ACA which shall be published on the ACA website to ensure accountability.